Guitar: I wish to change the octave to the notes but I want to keep the same number of frets

• Mar 24, 2023 - 16:13

As the title says: I wish to change the octave on notes and at the same time I want to keep the correct number of frets.
I wish to create a scores where the notes are kept an octave lower with 8va symbol and with the correct fret to press.
- If I add 8 symbol, the notes are into the same position and the frets are correct but the sound changes of an octave up/down
- If I change octave to the very notes, every fret number moves an octave up/down.
The goal is to have a proper note score with a proper fret number.
I enclose a pic and a test file

Attachment Size
8va-issue.png 87.21 KB
Test.mscz 5.8 KB


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