MuseScore crashing at the end of this specific score

• Mar 25, 2023 - 14:08

Some years ago I composed a score and now I am adapting it to MuseScore 4. However, not only the program always crashes when it is about to play the final chord, but it also crashes when I try to "touch" it, if I try to move even one mp a bit it crashes instantly, it also crashes if I try to export the music. I generated a diagnostics file which I would attach here, but I can't because it is much heavier than the 4MB limit, what should I do?


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It's something to do with dynamic markings. It crashed for me. I eventually deleted all the dynamics for the last ten measures and no more crash. You might consider opening the score in MU3, deleting the ending dynamics, then, in MU4 re-entering them.
There needs to be a marking before and after hairpins for them to work in MU4.

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I just tried it, but it won't open in MuseScore 3 for some reason and I still can't touch the dynamics in MuseScore 4. :/

EDIT: I just found out that there seems to be a problem in bar 62. I deleted everything in the timpani section from bar 62 onwards and tryed to rewrite and when I try to rewrite it, it crashes. So I tried to add another timpani, copied and paste everything from bar 1 to 60, deleted the old one, rewrote bar 61 manually, but when I tried to rewrite bar 62, it crashed again.

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Yes, I did most of those things and others without any luck. It's not just the timp. part.
You should be able to open this score in MU3. Then delete all the dynamics in the last ten measures. Save the score and open it in MU4. It plays without crash. I stopped there because I'd already spent a lot of time on it. Then see if you can enter dynamics.

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