PgUp, PgDn (MS4)

• Mar 25, 2023 - 23:08

For the sake of vision and easier entry of notes, I have set the zoom so that the page does not fit vertically. Because of this, I have various difficulties in moving. If you have large screens, you may not be aware of these difficulties.

If I use PgUp and PgDn to move through the pages, the page first jumps to the top or bottom of itself, and only then to the previous or next page, where the jump is repeated first on the same page and then on the next. I don't think anyone needs that. I think it would be better if PgUp jumps to the top of the previous page and PgDn jumps to the top of the next page.


In reply to by Damir Šimunović

I agree, and with less than a full page displayed there should be something like "next page" or "previous page" to actually move to a different page.
I noticed this most especially when it was suggested to toggle the Mixer to mitigate playback issues. Toggling the mixer killed the visibility of a whole page and made PgUp and PgDn require more work to actually move to another page.

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