will musescore 4 ever work on lower-end systems?

• Mar 27, 2023 - 09:25

i have a mac with 11+ operating system, enough free disk space, but 8gb memory (16 is recommended), and 4 cores (8 recommended). the new soundfont sounds very bad for me, and i have tried most suggestions that i found online (eg increasing buffer size to maximum) and changing buffer size. i now think that the reason it doesn't sound good is simply because my computer isn't powerful enough to run it.
is it worth keeping the 15gb of muse sounds that i downloaded in case it ever works, or is there no update to musescore that will make it run well on my computer?


Don't forget the specs also call for an SSD. 4 cores and 8GB are enough. But the system will need some help. I don't know just what kind of audio things can be adjusted on a Mac. Sorry. On my lower end PC I have to use an usb audio interface, also.

It remains to be seen if any Mu4.x updates will provide better performance --on your particular computer--. There are posters on this message Forum that claim Mu4 works fine on their "lower end system". That gives little help for people such as yourself that are not getting good performance. Mu4.0.x runs on my "lower end system" but is sluggish, generally. (4-core, 32Gb RAM Ubuntu Linux thin-client computer.)

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