hairpin - i.e. crescendo/decrescendo(diminuendo) - with midst text

• Mar 27, 2023 - 13:46

I'd like to prepare the following text layout for hairpins as indicated in the picture. (This image is a graphical preparation only.)
I tried it with the 'continued-text' parameter, which using can be obvious here, but it does not work.
I know that in the case of text equivalents of hairpins, like cresc....., dim......., the 'continued-text' is used for giving information at the beginning of the new staff, but it has no sense in the case of graphical symbols. It seems that there is a function here, which has no real value.
How can I reach the result as pictured with using Inspector settings?

I also looked after this idea in the forum, but I was unable to find a similar post.

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It is feasible to do this in MS3, but it involves a few tricks:
1. Create the hairpin as usual
2. Create staff text for the molto text
3. Change the Stacking Order of the staff text to be greater than the Stacking Order of the hairpin
4. Add to the staff text a Frame: Rectangle, with a wide border (1.0 instead of default 0.1)
5. For the frame of the text, set both the Border and the Highlight to Colour=White, Alpha Channel=255
6. Move the staff text over the hairpin

I cannot find the equivalent method in MS 4.0.2, because I don't see the same properties surfaced on the Properties panel. For example: no Stacking Order, no Alpha Channel. Perhaps someone can suggest a solution?

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