Tempo won't work right

• Mar 27, 2023 - 22:01

I made a piece with 125 bpm, but it makes it go like 70. One beat is equal to a dotted quarter note as usual, but it just keeps being slow. I tried adjusting the speed but it was already on 100%. Pls Help


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I don't know, but when I click on the tempo marking and unclick follow written tempo, then the thing that says override written tempo is at 189 and it goes at 125 speed. (also when you set your tempo to 125 or something, then override written tempo is gonna be at 125. Never at another speed)

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OK. I set up a score to play at 187.5, it actually plays at 188. This is regardless of how I set the tempo.

I don't get the result you did. That is playing at 70.

  1. What is the tempo you want the score to use?
  2. We need a score that shows what you are trying to do. Plus exact step to try to get what you want and what is going wrong.

For the purposes of tempo, MuseScore counts one beat as a quarter-note, never a dotted note. So, when you get into 6/8, 12/8 time etc. you need to do some math. There are different ways to set the tempo so it's best if you attach the score and say how many of what (quarter-note, dotted quarter-note etc.) that you want per minute.

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