can't open .gtp file/guitar pro file?

• Mar 28, 2023 - 07:13

I am trying to open .gtp file/guitar pro file with Musescore 4.0 on Manjaro-Gnome linux, MuseScore just exits automatically, it supports .gtp file, right?


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In the MS4 cmdline --help output, i read about this cmdline switch:
--gp-experimental experimental features for guitar pro import
Suggesting that gp import support is experimental.
But this cmdline switch does not exist in MS3.

Even more strange about MS4 cmdline switches that do not exist in MS3:
--score-video Generate video for the given score and export it to file
--resolution <1080p> Resolution [2160p, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p]
--fps <24> Frame per second [60, 30, 24]
--ls <3.0> Pause before playback in seconds (3.0)
--ts <3.0> Pause before end of video in seconds (3.0)
(all not working ...)

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Video options are off (because only working on a very old ubuntu?)
MuseScore/CMakeLists.txt:option(BUILD_VIDEOEXPORT_MODULE "Build videoexport module" OFF) # currently work only on Ubuntu 18.04 (for backend)

Was I wrong finding all these not working cmdline switches strange?

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