Deleting rests from empty bars

• Mar 28, 2023 - 21:40

This is a common question and the consensus seems to be that silences will automatically be written as rests by the software, which makes complete sense. However, there are examples when one does not want that graphically. My example is as follows: I'm writing for piano and there's an arpeggiated line that spans through both staffs (to mark it being played by two hands); I wrote it in the right hand and then moved the left hand part to the staff below (ctrl+shift+down). And the left hand staff still shows full bar rests as nothing is technically written in it. This wouldn't be an issue if it were a one time occurrence and there would be other material in the left hand. It is, however, repeated a bunch of times and I would like to get rid of rests in the left hand for graphic reasons. It's not a huge deal, just wondering if there's a simple workaround I might not know of.
The rests are covered by the beams, but you get the picture.


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