Higher Trumpet Sounds Please

• Mar 29, 2023 - 00:15

Petition to have Musescore record Trumpet past concert C6. Im not talking about a few notes or whatever orchestras and bands traditionally have as a trumpet range. Im talking about full blown DCI Screamer Trumpet, you know how cool that would be having trumpets being able to play literal C7s? (it would be very cool) Now people can write drum corp shows in Musescore and have it sound cool right out of the software and not have some random midi generated trumpet high note. (it sounds weird and bad). ALSO WHEN MUSESCORE DRUMLINE BEING ADDED BACK PLEASE

To prove my point on how adding another solid octave to the trumpet range imagine how COOL and AMAZING this would sound with a screamer Trumpet at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ZBF3JqAm4


The current sounds are more designed for orchestral use, but it's recognized that more range will be a nice addition and it's on the list of things being considered, and a new drumline extension has already been announced as in the works.

I was working on a concert band composition and wanted to try a high trumpet part which I ultimately decided not to use. I used the MS Basic sounds for just the trumpet. If you dial it down in the mix it sorta works against the Musesounds. It's a clumsy work around but if you must have a high trumpet sound it's a way. BTW, I am a trumpet player... be careful writing trumpets above a concert C (Written D for the player). :-)

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