Buttons in the upper right corner.

• Mar 29, 2023 - 11:19

In Musescore 4, the buttons for closing the program, shrinking the window and minimizing the window (WIN11) are missing in the upper right corner. Regards!


What is your taskbar settings? If they are set as 'appear when needed', or in other words when you hover your cursor over where the taskbar should be, it appears, then try changing it so it is always showing. This should fix it..

I agree they should be there. The Windows+down arrow keys will minimize all windows. Also Windows+T will tab through the open windows. But if you don't know that, the only way out is to click "Help" or something in that group. That is very cumbersome to get to another window.

Thank you for your advice. I miss the "full screen" function that would enlarge the note field to the entire screen. In pdf viewers, it is possible to display the file being viewed in full screen. Such a feature would be useful when showing on an external large screen. Cordial greetings.

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If the (Windows) Taskbar is not set to Hide, the problem does not occur. I like the Taskbar hidden except when needed, so if necessary I just hit F11 & it makes a normal window which can be adjusted to almost full-screen. Then your Taskbar will pop up any time you want it. It should stay working that way as long as you don't hit Maximize. And the next time you open the program it will still be set to your adjusted window size.

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