Bodhran drum sound is missing in version 4, or is it..?

• Mar 29, 2023 - 20:54

I'd really like to see the Bodhran hand drum in the available Instruments & sound fonts. That is, it's one instrument surprisingly not found in the Add Instruments utility, besides having its voice available for playback. Of course I was denied access into the instruments.xml file, to add the attached XML markup...can anyone point me to what I need to do, to solve this dilemma? Thanks!

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bodhranXMLmarkup.txt 898 bytes


Just figured it out; got it to partially work, with Edit |Preferences |Score pointing to a copy of instruments.xml edited in Notepad ascii text editor to receive the above XML markup, saved into Documents/musescore4/Scores. NOW...partially means the Bodhran staff is now found in the Add Instruments drop list and can be thus added to the score easily and well enough; the problem now is adding any rhythmic notation, and also quite apparently it's not sonically happening yet either.

Thanks for any further help proffered! ;-)

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