I can't change the name of my score right

• Mar 30, 2023 - 00:27

When I press edit score and change the name of it, then if it is based on a composition other than my own, then it just puts the name of the composition my score is based on, then the name of my composition. It's super annoying. I can't delete the extra name, and I don't want the name of another person's composition on mine. I also don't want to click original score


I encourage you to take Jojo's suggestion about reaching out to .COM support.

I had a very similar situation. I got fed-up with the way the .COM website insists on score naming. Given I include a cover page in ALL my scores, I chose to rely on that documentation to state that my ARRANGEMENT was based on another composer. And during upload (re--upload) of my score, I did not select "based on" other work. Maybe this is not the optimum manner of score naming, but I have been definitely careful about public domain / copyright points. I was finished with trying to get my score renamed through .COM support.

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