"Open Recent" blocks File menu while open

• Mar 30, 2023 - 16:04

EDIT: I think this may have something to do with how I always use MuseScore snapped to the left side of my screen - my laptop is on the left of my desk, with an external monitor set as the main display to its right - I can't rearrange them in any practical way, so this is how I leave them set up.

I've discovered that when I move the window anywhere else, as long as it's not maximized/occupying the whole screen, or snapped to the left side of the screen, the menu seems to act normally. I didn't think to check this before I cleared my Open Recent list, but I've added a second screenshot showing the difference.


Hello! A minor annoyance I've noticed since upgrading to MuseScore 4:

when I open the File menu, usually to look at Project Properties or Parts, or to export a PDF, the Open Recent menu unfolds over the top of the rest of the File menu the instant my cursor touches it, and does not hide again unless I move the cursor back to a visible part of the File menu - only New or Open, at the top - or another menu on the menu bar; otherwise it stays there unless I click out of the whole menu, which closes all of it.

I often go back and forth between recent projects so the list is full with 20 items. I've included a screenshot of what it looks like.

To get around the problem, I've been either:
(1) opening the menu, highlighting New or Open, moving the cursor to the right outside of the menu itself then back underneath to get to the options I want, or

(2) opening the menu, moving the cursor off to my 2nd screen (on the left) then back underneath in the other direction.

Is there a way to get the Open Recent menu to unfold to the right, or perhaps to delay it opening unless you highlight the name for a second or two - both of which happen in other software I've used?

Thanks in advance!


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