Col primo

• Mar 31, 2023 - 11:40

I encountered the score with staves marked as "col primo" or col 1º. (for Viola 2 and Violoncello 2, as below score). It instructs that Viola 2 and Violoncello 2 should play the same notes as those for Viola 1 and Violoncello 1, while the measures are marked with the "//" sign (from Measure 4). In the Palette->"Repeats" section, I can find "-//-" mark, which is similar but different. It instructs that the previous measure is to be repeated. I cannot find "col primo". I could just duplicate the measures for the Viola 1 and Violoncello 1 to the staves for the 2nds and make the notes all invisible in Voice 1, and then I could super-impose with a no-effect mark, such as, "//" in Voice 2. However, is there a proper way to do this with MuseScore? Thanks.

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