Repeats inside of Segno not playing

• Apr 4, 2023 - 20:21

I am having some issues getting Musescore to play the score back properly. The song is supposed to be played all the way through, then at G segno back to A, play through section B as normal, then at C go to section E to the end with the repeats in E and F being played. The repeats in sections B, E, & F are only being played once before moving on to the next section after going back to the segno, but twice before it. I may have notated it incorrectly but I do not know where I have made a mistake. The score is attached

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Nakamarra.mscz 31.15 KB


By convention, repeats are not played following a DS or DC. You can force repeats by clicking on the DS al Segno and ticking the Play repeats box in Properties

The Coda usually goes at the end (it's Italian for tail) and it might confuse some who see it before the DS al Segno.

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