There is an instrument that plays, but is not shown in sheet music: how to show it?

• Apr 5, 2023 - 18:07

I have some sheet music done with Musescore 2. As I open this file in Musescore 4, what I see in the sheet music is the solo voice only. But when press the Play button, I hear also some piano background. Though not as properly as it should be, half of the notes are missing (maybe too low to be played?).

See the attached Musescore file.

How can I show the piano channels in sheet music? I looked around, but cannot find any place where I could detect the presence of channels not shown in sheet music, and how to show them as their own staves.

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> How can I show the piano channels in sheet music?
There is no easy way to do this.

With 3.6.2 I added a second alto saxophone and copied the notes to this new staff.
Then, in the "Staff / Part properties", I changed the alto sax to a piano. Using the selection filter, I deleted all the notes in this piano part, but not the chords. Now there is an empty staff, but with the chords.
In the Tools menu, there is a function called "Realize Chord Symbols." This command converts the chords to notes and displays them.

By the way, in your score there are chords labeled ''Ç" (C cedille), like in bar 6.
I think they don't exist and they are not played.

I am not sure if this works the same way in MuS 4.

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