Unable to see scores

• Apr 19, 2023 - 09:39

I last used Musescore 4 last week - everything working.
I update my system at least once a week - arch linux - Garuda, and everything worked well.
I have the dark interface.
Today, i opened musescore4 and wanted to start a new score. Nothing shows on the screen - no staves, clefs, notes nothing - just a blank. It doesnt even show a page.
I tried to open a score from Documents>Musescore4>Scores from a work I am in the process with. Same thing. Nothing - just a blank section where the page(s) should be. If I try to enter a note, it plays the note but nothing on screen.
I changed the interface to a light them and still nothing. I restarted. I closed the program and opened version 3. Everything is working, notes, screen, bars etc.
I updated my system and tried to restart Muse4 with the same results.
I have not changed any settings so fiddled with the buttons at bottom right of screen.

When I changed to tab to view all my scores - there is nothing - I usually have about 130 scores that I can choose from and select - nothing showing.

Hence I'm in the forum hoping there is a quick fix.


Are you perhaps using an unsupported third-party build, rather than the official AppImage downloaded and installed from this site? Right now it seems this issue would only affect versions other than the supported AppImage.

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No definitely using official build. Was using MuseScore- and updated it along with my arch system.
Yesterday I downloaded the latest appimage. While this works, It doesnt install but just runs - I suppose its no different from clicking an icon to run the program.
So that works and everything is visible. Problem solved just in a different manner

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Interesting that 4.0.1 would have a problem when 4.0.2 doesn’t, but glad that got it working.

To install the AppImage, simply run it with the “install” command line option. This creates the desktop file and other integrations, and adds it to your bin folder as “mscore4portable” for easier command invocation as well. You can also run the the latter with the “update” option to automatically check for, download, and install available updates.

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