Move to next measure while inputting chords

• Apr 19, 2023 - 15:17

When I add guitar chords to the piece using Command K, it adds the chord properly. However I cannot get the CMD+ -> to index to the next measure.

I am using the latest Musescore 4 and the latest Mac OS.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong.
I can choose the 1st note in the next measure and then CMD+K each chord, this wasn't necessary in Musescore 3.


Trying to move from the chord symbol to the next measure to input a new chord symbol, using the keyboard shortcut in the handbook. It says "CMD+->" for the mac. or command+right arrow.

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Yes, the shortcut, "CMND + -->" does not work.

Or Command+right arrow key. Same thing, different way of saying it because I thought possibly I was reading the right arrow designation wrong on the handbook.
The handbook defines this as the shortcut.

I reverted back to all original settings. reopened 4 and same thing happens.
"CMD + K" , enter chord, then hit the does index to the next measure.

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So far it's still not really understood why some keyboards don't work with Ctrl+Right / Cmd+Right. There's been some work done to try to address some related issues for 4.1, but o far no progress on this in particular.

I'm guessing someone experiencing the problem could probably figure out a workaround by experimenting with shortcuts file itself - use the button in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts to write your current shortcuts to an XML, then edit that in a text editor, then load that back into MuseScore. But, it would be trial and error, and I don't have any great advice.

What I can suggest is using Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts to try customizing some shortcuts. For instance, you could try changing the "Go to next measure / move text right quickly" shortcut to something else. But, you might find you are limited to shortcuts that focus on Spsce or semicolon plus modifiers. You can also customize the shortcuts for the various different "Advance cursor" commands. A whole note advance is basically "next measure" in you're in 4/4.

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