Style settings on page

• Apr 20, 2023 - 00:28

Trying to reduce the number of pages of the printed score. Vertical justification options, seem to apply only on certain pages and not the whole score. i.e min system distance. I have few pages where the systems (of 5 staves) occupy half a page while on other pages 2 of the same size system fit perfectly!

If I use the page settings scaling option, it renders the lyrics font unreadable!!

Now what?


Vertical justification ("stretching") only gets effective where there is unused page-space, which wasn't large enough to fit more music.
For Choir stuff with 5 staves per system I sometimes go down to a scaling of 1.300 while carefully increasing the lyrics font in return.
Then I'll get up to 3 systems on one page and the lyrics can still be read well.

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