Measure corruption on editing, score and part miscommunication

• May 4, 2023 - 18:12

I'm not quite sure what is causing it, but on the most recent update scores and parts are not communicating all of the time. It seems like a random amount gets through, and this includes measures, time signatures, dynamics, and other general engraving. Because there literally are not as many measures in my parts as there are in the score, the entire file is pretty much unusable past a certain point. This seems to only happen when reediting measures that already have note values in them. Another oddity I've noticed is that quite frequently now, upon changing a preexisting note to a different note length, MuseScore doesn't update that note to fit the measure, but simply adds whatever note length you want to the measure. While this doesn't affect the visual engraving of whatever you just changed somehow, it means that the MIDI for that part is now behind everyone else. As well as this, any measures are considered "corrupt" because it contains too many notes for whatever the given time signature is. None of this was prevalent at all in previous updates, so I hope this is a relatively quick fix. However this has destroyed two large scale projects of mine, and even pasting in or fully renotating in a brand new score has the exact same issues. This issue makes the current build of MuseScore near completely unusable, particularly when either working with parts or odd time signatures.


In order for someone to investigate, you'd need to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

The reporting of files as corrupt is not a bug - rather, it's the fixing of a very long-standing bug where previous versions failed to report corruptions. So in any cases, files have been corrupt for years and are only finally being detected now.

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  1. Unfortunately, I already deleted this file. I went ahead and copied out the parts that were not corrupted and renotated the parts that were. If this happens yet again on this version or any other music I am working on, I will link it here.

  2. This is all on a score that was started in 4.0.2 and has not moved between any versions. Thus, this is something that is caused by this version, not simply being "caught".

  3. The corruption was only caught if there were too many or too few inputs found in a measure. It did not notify (and indeed allowed me to save) measures and notes that did not transfer from the score to the part or vice versa. This resulted in the part having 5 fewer measures than the score, however removing 5 measures from the score also removed 5 measures from the part (seemingly at random).

I will attempt in the coming days to replicate this and send steps if/when I do.

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Understood on point 2 - but still, it could well be the bug would have happened in previous versions too but gone unreported. Anyhow, it's all just speculation until we have a score (uncorrupted) and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

For point 3, indeed, it's still the case that not all possible problems get reported. The one you describe seems most strange and I don't recall any other reports of anything quite like that.

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