Attaching chord symbols to different notes

• May 7, 2023 - 17:36

For some reason a bunch of my chord symbols are attached to the SECOND note in the bar instead of the first one where they should be. Is there some easy way to fix that? I can fix it visually by just dragging them, but playback is not correct. The only way I've found is to individually delete them and re enter them after selecting the correct note. PAINFUL! Talking v 3.6.2 Thanks!


You can delete and then paste to the proper note. You can select a number of them and do the same, but they will retain the spacing they originally had.

You can Ctrl click on multiple chord symbols attached to the second note, cut and paste onto the first note. This works if you need to skip over any chord symbols which are properly attached.
If you don't need to skip over any chord symbols, you can click on the first misplaced chord symbol, shift click on the last, then do the cut and paste.

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