Multi-Measure Repeats in 2.0

• Sep 30, 2014 - 18:29

Here is my solution for the multi-measure repeat. This symbol is a bit unconventional, and I usually only see drummers use it as a short hand:
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1) Ensure there is an empty measure (or a measure with only rests) in the location you want the symbol.
2) Insert a Measure Repeat sign from the "Repeats" Palette in the empty measure.
3) Insert Staff Text (cmd + t on a Mac).
4) Type the number of bars to be repeated for.
5) Change the font of the number to "MScore," and the font size to 25.
6) Drag the number above the Measure Repeat sign.
7) Select the measure after the repeat measure.
8) Right-Click, select "Measure Properties."
9) Under "Add to measure number," type the number that is 1 less than the number above the symbol.
(example: If the repeat sign has an 8 above it, type 7 into the "Add to measure number" slot.

Now you have a Multi-Measure Repeat symbol that does not mess up your measure numbers. If you copy and paste this symbol to another location on the score, you must do steps (7)-(9) for every symbol you create. Otherwise you will mess up your measure numbers.

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In 2.0 beta1, there is a symbol for the double repeat in the Z palette. There are a lot of symbols so it's hard to find.

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For the 2 you can eventually use the one from the Z palette too. Change the font to Emmentaler at the bottom and pick the 2.

The main problem with these workarounds is that they will not resist a relayout of the score, changing line breaks etc...

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You're right, there is a symbol for a 2-Measure-Repeat in 2.0, I which I just wrote a little blurb about here:

But, this is a slightly different thing. A 2-Measure-Repeat implies the performer should repeat the previous two measures. The Multi-Measure Repeat that I wrote about above implies the performer should repeat the singular measure that comes directly before the repeat symbol. The number above the symbol indicates how many times to repeat the measure.

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This sure would be a "nice to have" to generate automatically for a part that has a lot of repeating measures, similar to how multi measure rests can be set in Style -> General and the Score tab where you can indicate that you want to insert multi measure rests based on a threshold. This is not only good for drums but also other repetitive parts in the rhythm section such as Bass Guitar, Guitar and Piano. You'd score the piece with the actual notes but generate the parts with the repeat symbols and counts inserted. This would make the multi measure repeats tie to the score so that when changes to the score occurred you wouldn't break the part (as the above workaround does).

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That would be a fantastic feature, in my opinion. I wonder if someone could even build an add-on for this? If anyone ever wants to try to tackle that as a project, it would also be nice if the measure numbers would be adjusted accordingly, just as they do with a multi-measure rest.

hello there guys. I'm new to musescore so can you help me out about "2 MEASURE REPEAT". I'm having trouble on the #9 procedure. I have already selected "1" in the "Add to measure number" since the number above the symbol was "2". After doing that and clicking "Apply" then "Ok", It just selects the whole staves I have and it does not combine with the measure i want it to. Can you help me please? I need immediate assistance. Thank you.

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I believe you are slightly missing what this trick does, so I will just clarify:

This trick turns one measure into a multi-measure repeat.
It maintains the measure number count, instead of only counting 1 measure.
It DOES NOT compile multiple measures into a single symbol.
It DOES NOT work properly with playback. It just repeats 1 time.

This is a very good solution. Thank you. I just noticed this. Wondering if anything else has come about to make writing simple drum parts easier in Musescore?

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What specifically are you having trouble with? Chances are whatever it is, there *is* an easier way to do it, but without knowing what you are struggling with, it's hard to know how to advise.

Some particular parts of the Handbook to read include the part on drum notation (obviously) but also the section on voices (as in multiple rhythms on one staff - integral to most drumset writing), and the section on slash notation (under "Tools").

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I knew I must have done something wrong. Yes, I changed the font, because it seemed that this was the correct font used for everything else in the program, and when I changed it, I did not notice any difference in the topmost part of the palette, other than the thickness of the symbols, so I assumed that the number of characters was identical.

Yes, now I see the symbol that I was looking for.

Sorry for the trouble. Thanks, again for your kind help.

I found a better solution in MuseScore 3!!!!! So happy:

  1. Create a multi-measure rest where you want to have a multi-measure repeat (Keyboard shortcut M)
  2. Click on the multi-measure rest
  3. In the Inspector, click on Color and change the opacity to 0. (Do not set it to invisible, or the formatting will change and the number will also disappear)
  4. With the multi-measure rest selected, insert a measure repeat sign from the master pallet.

Tada!!!! That's it!!! This works in more situations than any other workaround I've found.

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