MS4 & VST3 question

• May 12, 2023 - 18:02

What VST3 synths work with musescore4?

Every time I try one it has a problem or even crashes!

Has anyone done any tests on some vst3 free?st3 free?


FWIW I got BBC Symphony from Spitfire Audio to work. If I remember I had to download the VST and the player. The free sounds are limited to sections and no solo instruments. Not impressed with BBC. But VSTs are possible.

I've gotten it to work with Sampletank 3 and 4. MS4 already recognizes that I have that on my computer, so when I select a VST3 in the mixer section, Sampletank is there. When I click on it, it opens the Sampletank program. However, it appears that I have to do a fresh load of each Sampletank instrument for every MS4 session. Also, before closing a session, I need to change back all of the instruments to one of the Soundfonts in MS4. If I don't, and I try to open a score with instruments that are mapped to Sampletank, it won't work, and usually MS4 will then crash. So, when I open up a score, all instruments are defaulted to one of the MS4 Soundfonts, and then I do a fresh load of Sampletank instruments for each part, and then change each instrument back to Soundfonts before saving score and ending session.

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