MuseScore 4 Multiple Windows 11 Reliability Monitor Errors

• May 15, 2023 - 11:22

As far as I can tell, MuseScore 4 is functioning correctly until closing the program. I had several scores open and closed them all within one minute. This resulted in seven Critical Events being reported by the Windows 11 Reliability Monitor. Namely: "Musescore.exe stopped working".

I have attached a text file listing the Monitor Report details and a Screenshot of the most recent errors.

MuseScore 4 appears to be severely reducing my Reliability Score!


The most scores I've had open was 4 or 5. I've closed them in 20 seconds or so without problem on my W11 machine. How are you closing MuseScore?

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I have the same problem if I only have one score open. It doesn't really matter how I close MuseScore. Using the File 'Close' option, 'Quit', or closing the Window by clicking the Cross, all result in the Reliability Monitor error!

It seems that it is the actual process of MuseScore shutting down that generates the error. This never happened with MuseScore 3.

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