Echo when playing

• May 20, 2023 - 11:05

Since using Musescore-4, I hear a nasty echo when entering notes and often also when playing a song I entered. It is so bad that I hardly can follow the separate note sequences.
This problem did not occur in earlier versions of Musescore, nor in other (music)programs, such as Noteworthy. My speakers seem allright as well.
Can this problem be solved?
I use Windows-10 on a desktop computer.
The Audio-output is through the standard installed Realtek High Definition Audio.

Best regards, JanVer


I have used quite a lot of time, trying to solve this problem. No solution found on version 4.
The solution for me was to go back to Musescore 3

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If it's truly echo and not something else, then the obvious answer is, you have multiple devices playing sound. Like maybe MIDI out is connected and something else is playing in addition to MsueScore, or somehow you've set up a feedback loop where the output is getting reouted to input. In order to understand and assist, we'd need more info about your audio configuration, plus a screen recording so we can see'hear what's going on for ourselves.

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It seems that because I have MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 4 both loaded on my computer when I play in 4 it creates an echo. I can play fine in 3. I think that I will unload 3 to see if that helps with the signal confusion. I do note that in my Windows 10 device driver that there are 2 drivers listed for my Casio keyboard, perhaps that is another conflict.

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