how can i copy text in notepad and paste it immediately as vocals in MuseScore?

• May 21, 2023 - 17:59

I need to paste the text from the clipboard immediately as a vocal object. I want the text to be pasted with ctrl+v.

I tried using the vocal plugin. It turned out to be not so convenient.

I can write programs in python. And I want to make a program that converts a string of text into a MuseScore lyric object. How can i do this?


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Disregard. It's working. Program was maybe in a state that was not looking for input from the scratchpad.
I backed out and restarted musescore and it works as expected!!

Disregard my original post:
I'm using 3.6 and trying to paste a block of text (lyrics) into a text frame at the bottom of a score. But typical menu edit commands and shortcuts (Ctrl +V) don't seem to do what I think they should. The manual says to type in the text in the frame box but typing the lyrics again puts a lot of overhead for using the text frames and adding lyrics at the bottom of a piece. Maybe/likely i'm missing something? I did search the manuals and forums and this was the closest recent question that was related. Thanks.

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