Use VST instruments with multiple articulations/patches in MuseScore 4

• May 23, 2023 - 15:34

I would like to use VST instruments that contain multiple articulations for an instrument (ex. sustain, legato/slur, staccato, marcato, etc.), however, I don’t actually know how to map each articulation to the appropriate notation. I remember there was limited functionality for this in MuseScore 3, where certain string instruments would have their main sound font and then a little extension with staccato, tremolo, and maybe some more articulations. Is this possible in MuseScore 4?


MuseScore 3 and 4 both support this for soundfonts via General MIDI. But I don't know that this is a thing for VST. Normally they work using keyswitches. If you add an extra staff you can add the necessary notes for that, then hide the staff.

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I was thinking about this and then realized something that might work:

Let's say you have a flute patch that uses keyswitches. They might be C0, C#0, D0, etc. What if you notated whatever for the flute as usual, then when the flute would be required to switch articulations, you added a really, really low note that was both hidden and muted (although it would be out of its range anyway) that would act as if you pressed a keyswitch in real time in the plugin, but in MuseScore, would just show up as a dyad. Do you think that might work?

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