Most of my scores suddenly disappeared from "Sheet music"

• May 24, 2023 - 14:23

I have 32 scores in total but I only have 7 suddenly in the "Sheet music" section. If I go to "My Scores", I can see that all my scores are still there but those that disappeared won't even come up when I search normally. I can still access it through my "Sets" but it's just not on my profile.

I tried updating all the scores and they all appeared back on "Sheet music" section but for like a day. Now it's gone again... It's uploaded but I just can't see it through my page.

I also noticed that this was happening to other users too. (maybe it's just my musescore page that's broken)
I checked the other users but the number of scores that they have in the "Sheet music" section and the number written on their profile doesn't match.

Can someone help me how to fix this? I already tried logging out and in and restarting my computer.


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