MS 4.0.2 crashes during loop playback

• May 28, 2023 - 10:07

When I select a fragment of a piece, e.g. 4 or 8 bars and set loop playback, MS always chrashes after a few minutes - it freezes and has to be shut down in the Task Manager. I checked the CPU monitor - during playback the CPU and memory use just goes up and up, intil the crash occurs.

The score is not complex, it has only 3-4 parts.

I use MS 4.0.2 on Windows 11, I have a have 32GB and Intel i7 2,8GHz processor. I shut down all other programs and non-essential background services (Google Drive, OneDrive), except for Reaper (DAW which I use to hear my guitar on headphones), and I turn Wifi off.

I use loop playback as a backing track for practice and it's really annoying that it doesn't really work.

This never happened in MS 3 (which was still prone to crashing, but not in this situation).


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