Help porting musicaFicta plugin to v4

• May 29, 2023 - 17:49

Hey folks-

I got a copy of the musicaFicta plugin working in v4, but am having trouble getting it done "properly."

The .works file works. The .WIP file gives me the following error:
2023-05-29T12:44:18.502 | ERROR | main_thread | PluginView | load: "file:///C:/Program Files/MuseScore 4//plugins/musicaFicta/musicaFicta4.qml:8:5: Non-existent attached object"

Line 8 is Component.onCompleted : {, which is recommended in

I'd like the file to be compatible with v3 as well as 4.

Attachment Size
musicaFicta.WIP_.qml 2.9 KB
musicaFicta.works_.qml 2.73 KB


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