Lose of content in my files

• May 30, 2023 - 12:23

Hello to you all!
I'm having a problem with Musescore which keeps deleting the content inside of my files.
I'm saving and exporting the files so I can have them safe but after a while that I don't open the file, when I do it the content inside of the file is just gone. It's like the file goes back in time to one of the early stages even though I saved all of my progress and opened the saved files several times to keep working.
It happened to me two times already. The first time was around November-December of the last year and it happened againyesterday in the morning.
This is extremely frustrating and enraging because I'm losing all of my work and I'm afraid it's gonna happen again and I don't know how to fix it.
I tried several things already that I could find on MuseScore forum, Google and YouTube but nothing works at all.
Has someone suffered from the same problem as me? How can I fix it?


MuseScore never deletes the contents of your files. If you have saved a file, and then later you open a file and it looks like an earlier version, there's only one possible explanation - it is an earlier version. You must have saved two different copies of the file and are now opening the wrong one. When opening the file, don't rely on the recent files list - use File / Open and be sure to navigate to the exact folder where you saved it, and check the filename and last modified date carefully before opening the file.

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I t shows you last saved the file Monday morning just before 10:00. Was that before or after you noticed a problem? Anyhow, it also shows you aren't on Windows, so you can't use OneDrive to help you, but maybe Time Machine can show you the history of this file? I can also see you have saved your score somewhere outside the normal set offolders MuseScore uses by default. That's not a problem in itself, but it does suggest you need to be extra careful making sure you are looking in exactly the right folder, and that there isn't a second copy of the score in the usual location (under MuseScore4/MuseScore).

Also, try turning on the display if hidden files and folders, and look for the ".mscbackup" folder in that same location. Without that should be a copy fo the score as it was at the second-to-last save. Try renaming and opening that.

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