Incorrect note location

• Jun 1, 2023 - 03:27

See the uploaded Word file.

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Don't do that, have your question in cleartext here and attach images, not word docs...
Also better attach the score


I encounter a problem with MuseScore 4.0.2:

As shown below, the 3 curves are ties (not slur), the first, second, and 7th eighth notes are all "F", but the first and the 7th eighth notes are placed in the wrong location of "G" (all the 3 notes are "Fa" sound). The quarter note and the whole note are "G".
What causes the problem? How to solve the problem?

And no, at least the first to curves are slurs, not ties, as they connect notes of different poitchg. The last might be a tie, but to the 3rd note, as the 2nd isn't having the same pitch.

Actually maybe not, looks like you moved the notes up/down without changing their pitch, Only the score itself would tell for sure.
Do a Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R and see where all the noteheads end up

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