Program crashes when I move single notes in pitch

• Jun 1, 2023 - 20:31

I've a couple of unexpected bugs.
1. when adjusting the pitch of a note in the piano bass and treble staves, the program crashes and only recovers when restarting and selecting recovery option.

  1. previously I toggled the play transport command using the space bar. this functions intermittently: sometimes as expected, and some times a create a new score option pops up (like a ctrl + N keystroke shortcut command.

My keyboard setup in windows is standard US english setting and the preferences in Musescore 4 are standard default.

any ideas how to mitigate these unwanted occurences?


There is a known crash that affects some systems but not others, if you try changing a note pitch immediately after an undo operation. If that's not what you are seeing, we'd need you to attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem.

Also if you have steps to reproduce the space / new score issue, we'd need to know those. I have never seen or heard of that happening, though.

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