• Jun 4, 2023 - 10:23

Hi, I know that this forum is the wrong place for issues, but when you're waiting for feedback from an error or question using e-mail, it would be lovely to get almost immediate help like one gets from this forum. I've had several questions/snags with the scores website but there doesn't seem to be a simple forum structure like this one.
One issue in particular is that my scores have stopped loading into YouTube (much to my embarrassment, after announcing a new composition to my followers), and I got a reply a few days ago saying yes there does seem to be a system problem, but there is no resolution and have heard nothing since.
Is there anycrossover between and


I have the same problem since last Friday . And I contacted the support team of Musescore immediately. And one of the team members asked me trying : (1)Use another browser,; (2)Clear cache and cookies; (3)change the internet connection; (4)Use the incognito mode. I tried everything as she suggested. But all my efforts are in vain. Now it seems we have to be patient waiting they solving the issue.

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