• Jun 6, 2023 - 04:54

I want to get Chat GPT to compose a little invention or something. They (It) said I need to use MusicXML to change a midi file into something I can print in the message I send them. It doesn't have a way to send attachments.

Has anyone else tried this? How to I export to the or a similar format?



I don't understand how Chat GPT might be involved - does it actually understand MusicXML? - but if the question is how to export a MuseScore file to MusicXML, just use File / Export and select that format there.

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Here's a subject I gave Chat and it's response (new Gigue subject.) That was after an hour or so dinging around to get it to do anything. I said it had given me enough and I could complete the rest. I called "it" out and it finally admitted it couldn't compose music at all. Sounded like it would have continued chatting with me though. Fascinating. I think it likes to chat but doesn't have much substance. "Like" probably the wrong word lol.

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Only slightly off topic.
Thirty years ago a group programmers developed a program that could "write" Baroque music. It sounded very convincing. But consider that, sure, you can program examples and all the rules into a computer. But there is more to it than that. Much more. Interesting, I suppose. Perhaps some things can be learned. Or not.

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