More MuseSounds Instruments

• Jun 7, 2023 - 12:11

Hi MuseScore!

I know that MuseSounds has been a huge (and absolutely game-changing) feature, and still in development, but I was wondering if a few common sounds could be added? For example, muted brass sounds still do not work (by adding "mute" from the text palattes), as well as some other sounds such as wind chimes (the current "metal wind chimes" from MS Basic sound as a ding) and a slapstick sound. Additionally, I have noticed that pedal notes on trombone (which is entirely possible in real life with an F trigger attatchment) outside of "ameteur range" do not sound, even though they are not shaded red.

Again I know there are much more important instruments, but a thundersheet, anvil/brake drum sound other than a ding would be helpful, as well as some choral syllables other than just 'aaaaah'!


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