No sound since MuseScore 4.0 - opening "Preferences - i/o" crashes MuseScore.

• Jun 12, 2023 - 22:42

MuseScore 3.6.2 works wiht a charm, but since 4.0.2 (latest) I cannot play any MuseScore file.
Also the whole thing with Hub makes it unnecessary complicated as I have no idea how to fix it.

For example, opening Preferences from the Edit menu, then I/O I can see all Windows audio devices (default, Realtek, bluetooth etc) but when I select a different audio device the whole application crahses.

Not happy with this change!


If you start MU4 and then decide you want to plug in headphones or add BT headphones (for example) MU$ will crash. The answer is to have whatever audio device turned on and connected before you open MU4. Just the way it is.
The Hub is the only way to get the new Muse Sounds. Aside from downloading the sounds, I use the Hub to check for u[dates. Then I scroll down and select "Quit" so that is isn't running all the time. Also, turn off everything in the Hub.

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Thank you for your answer bobjp, but the audio device that is always on and marked as default is the Speaker / HP Realtek High Definition Audio device. The HUB has downloaded the Strings sounds but when I want to play a score with strings there is no sound at all. When I check preferences inside MuseScore there is a default audio device and when I click on it there is a pull down menu with Default and a Speaker (HP Realtek High Definition Audio) device. When I click on the latter one nothing happens (it keeps the Default audio device). When I finally click Ok the application crashes.
It is obvious that the Speaker / HP Realtek High Definition Audio device can produce sound using other applications but not by MuseScore. It also doesn't make any difference to switch on or off "Allow applications t take exclusive control of this device" (Speaker properties).

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If you have a score where you are having trouble getting strings to play, simply attach it hear and describe how to reproduce the problem so we can investigate.

It's not clear from this why you are going to the preference window at all; it shouldn't normally be involved here unless you wish to use a non-default audio device. But if your goal is to figure out the strings issue, leave the alternative audio devices out of it and just stick with the default.

Muse Hub in no way affects running MuseScore - no complication whatsoever Use Muse Hub to install & update the software, but it isn't involved at all in actually running it.

If you have a device who driver is crashing MuseScore, ee if you can update that driver. Otherwise., 4.1 which is due out soon has fixes that workaround some of those buggy drivers, so you can try a nightly build of that from the Download menu on this site to help test that.

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