"fermata above" associated to "caesura"

• Jun 14, 2023 - 17:01

Hi all,
I've got this score (see attached image) that contains a "fermata above" with underneath a "caesura" right at the end of a bar.
Obviously I know what a "fermata above" means. What I do not know is the two of them being together and not above a note!
What do they mean and how do I reproduce it with MuS ?

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I'm not sure what the author meant by this. I'm guessing that he means to leave the length of the caesura to the conductor's choosing, and to imply that it should be longer than usual.
In MuseScore, you can only put a fermata on notes or rests. But you can set a time stretch for the fermata as well as the duration of the caesura.
Here, I would set the fermata to the last note and leave the time stretch at 1.0 (no stretch). You can also move the position of the fermata so that it is placed above the caesura. And for the caesura I would then set a correspondingly longer duration in the properties (or inspector).

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