Crash when adding key signature after transposing a section

• Jun 15, 2023 - 07:01

I've been having a strange crash in the application. I want to copy a section of my song and then transpose it maybe a half or one step up. So I paste the section, then transpose, and since my copy doesn't take the key signature, I have to add the key signature after transposing. When I try to change the key signature, The application crashes and just closes without any message. It also happens sometimes when I place an incorrect key signature and then quickcly delete it and place another in the same spot.

How can I report this type of crashes? what logs or files should I attach?


To report a problem, first step is to post here and attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, Then if others can reproduce the issue, and we can confirm it's not already reported or fixed for the next release, the next step would be to open an issue on GitHub with that info.

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