Musescore crashes on copy and paste

• Jun 15, 2023 - 21:19

Whenever I copy and paste one of the measures, it crashes MuseScore. I have attached an image showing how to reproduce the crash, as well as the score file.

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Rock.mscz 27.06 KB
Musescore Crash.png 52.27 KB


Confirmed, more a hang rather than a crash though (here on Windows 11)
Crashes immediatelly in a more recent development build:
Please report in GitHub,

Edit: thanks for, will be fixed in 4.2

Mu3 fails on it to, in a development version it dies on a failed assertion:
Fatal: ASSERT: "rtick2 > rtick1" in file ...\libmscore\sig.cpp, line 178
I'll fix it for my 3.7

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