mscz file corruptions and what do i do?

• Jun 15, 2023 - 23:14
  • im trying to fix a problem where the musescore file refuses to open because its corrupted; (Error=XML_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line Number 0).
    i try to use zip programs to try and extract the .mscx file, but it dosen't work because of some header problem.
    im currently also trying to use WinZip (one of the zip programs i tried earlier) and tried to figure out how to repair the zip file (which is the mscz file.) and i cant because if a directory issue (or its just too complicated for me anyways).

  • Notes: _1 is the result of the header problem mentioned earlier; i think it still extracted but at the cost of: not properly (thats why its rather small in size, or rather no data was actually saved).
    the original file that got corrupted and the copy of that file are the same, i just wanted to make sure that my mscz file dosen't get accidentally deleted or so.

if there is anything else i can try please let me know (thank you)...

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rghswryhsryhs.mscz 29.2 KB
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rghswryhsryhs - Copy.mscz 29.2 KB


still trying to troubeshoot, im now seeing if its possible to recover some music (not load it though).
CopyFIXED - What i used for the command prompt repaoir winzip tool thing. some data is lost though and might be useless.
edit: stopped

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rghswryhsryhs - CopyFIXED.mscz 24.84 KB

i also want to know how i can avoid this in the future. to prevent any music files from just suddenly being corrupted beyond repair.

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