Lost saves

• Jun 16, 2023 - 22:40

I have saved my score while working multiple times. While closing the app it crashed and now the score reverted to the first save file. I tried searching for backup files, but could not find them.

Please help.


I've met the same question with you. I've opened and closed the score for many times today and nothing went wrong. However, when I open it for the last time tonight, it reminded me to reverse to the latest file. Unconsciously I pressed NO by mistake. And then it did't reverse to the file which I saved yesterday, but it reversed to the first save file. I managed to find a file in ".mscbackup" called "xxx.mscz~". It is a hidden file. When you managed to find it. BE CAREFUL! Perhaps, I completely lost my file because "the.mscz~" was rewritten. I am so depressed now, wondering how can it happened even when I OPEN auto-save!

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