Horizontal scrolling playback, but follow-able?

• Jun 28, 2023 - 20:30

I'm new to MuseScore and just trying it out. In an orchestral score, I'd like to be able to choose a single part (e.g. flute) and put it in continuous scrolling mode (horizontal) then be able to follow it as a flute player. It mostly works, except when the playback wiper gets to the right edge of the screen, then the music redraws, but too late to be able to play along. Sometimes a note or two will be entirely lost as the window auto-jumps to the next batch of music.

Is this just the way it is, or is there any way to improve this behavior in MuseScore? Or is it an improvement request for a future version?

I would actually love to see a mode where the playback wiper stays fixed to the center of the screen, and the music scrolls through it. That way, it's really easy to see what's coming next, and what was just played, in context and in real time.

Thanks for any input!


What you're seeing is the way it is right now. There was an experimental "smooth pan" feature in an older version and most likely an improved version of that will return in the near future.

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Thanks for the information. Hope you don't mind my jumping on this on a related point. It was my 'impression' (and I might be wrong!?) that, in the previous versions of MS4, after highlighting multiple instruments (e.g. by selecting across the same bar on different staves) the panning would remain focused on those highlighted instruments, regardless of where they were on the score (and the playback would mute the non-highlighted instruments).

Now, in the latest (4.0.2) iteration, the panning part seems to be broken/different (or, at best, it works 10% of the time), which is nowhere near as useful.

Was my initial 'impression' what you are referring to as the experimental feature?

Thanks for enlightening!

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Selecting has never had any effect on which instruments are visible as the score scrolls. MuseScore always attempts to keep the same position, but it's next to impossible to guarantee in cases where there are multiple systems per page and a full system doesn't fit on the page. In cases like that, use continuous view - then it's trivial for MuseScore to keep focus on the same instruments.

The smooth panning was not about which instruments show, it's just about how the page scrolls horizontally - either a page at a time, or constantly.

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