Using BBC SO Spitfire Audio

• Jul 1, 2023 - 19:59

Not sure if this has been discussed before but I've noticed that if I use BBC SO, for example, it completely ignores any dynamics or articulations etc that have been entered on the score. Muse Sounds seems to be the only sounds that use these properly. Am I doing something wrong?


I have the free BBC SO on one of my systems. Dynamics work. W10. I don't really use this font because of the string swells on every note.

I have BBC SO Core and I find that when I use BBC SO as a VST instead of Muse Sounds, MS4 does play dynamics and articulations, but very inconsistently.

For example, I can hear a difference btwn say, pp and mf, but I notice very little difference btwn mf, ff, and fff. Also, hairpins (decresc. / dim.) seem to sorta play back, but with much less volume change than with Muse Sounds.

Re articulations: again, very inconsistent. Staccato & staccatissimo are played back correctly, but tenuto's, marcatos, etc. do not.

(Btw, this is with BBC SO's legato patch, so that different articulations are playable within one patch)

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