Cannot Upload scores after upgrade to MuseScore 4

• Jul 3, 2023 - 23:10

After I upgraded from MuseScore 3 to MuseScore 4 I can no longer download several of my scores without getting a bug/message telling me that this is not possible. It also looks like all of my scorefiles has changed look into MuseScore 4. Please help me anyone. I sincerely does not hope that a lot of my work has been lost because of this. I will also guess that several other’s has the same problem.



Your question is not clear at all: the title says Cannot upload scores, but your text then says "I can no longer download".

Indeed, you mention both upload and download, but those are features of the score-sharing website, not of MuseScore itself. So it's very unclear what you mean. Please describe the problem in more detail - tell us what you are trying to accomplish, what steps you are following, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

Sorry about my bad english. And understandable why you misunderstood my question. In short, I can’t open my notes (made in Musescore 2 and 3) after I upgraded to Musescore 4. Hopefully this was more helpful😊

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Thanks for trying to calrtify, but unfortuantely I still don't know what you mean. What goes wrong when you use File / Open and select one of your older scores to open? You should see a warning but otherwise it should open fine. If you're just having trouble finding them, be sure to navigate to the correct folder in the file dialog.

Do please give us some more information:
- operating system of your computer (e.g. Windows 10, macOS11 etc)
- version of MuseScore (from Help > About MuseScore... > Revision - click icon to copy)
- where are your scores in MS2 format stored? (if on your own computer, give the file path)
- where are your scores in MS3 format stored? (if on your own computer, give the file path)
- when using MS4, where do you store the edited file when you Save? Do you just accept the current location if it is an existing score?
- when using MS4, how do you open scores in older MS2 and MS3 format? Do you use the MS4 menu File > Open, or do you navigate to the file e.g. with File Explorer or Finder and click to open it?
- error messages: please provide the exact text in the original language

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