NO SOUND -- workd yesterday now is completely dead

• Jul 4, 2023 - 01:15

I tried ALL of the steps listed in the support area to fix the sound issue.
NONE of these worked.
All other applications work, as do system sounds.
The audio worked just fine yesterday, now no matter what -- I have tried everything there is still NO SOUND.

It gets better -- apparently, Musescore 4 has serious problems, because it has screwed my system registry over.
I installed Musescore 4, uninstalled it and now it is interfering with my computer operating.

DO NOT install Musescore 4.

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My guess is that whatever made MU4 sound not work is the culprit. Not MU4. Your image shows nothing about the registry. No program gets totally uninstalled using most any uninstall technique You have to use a registry cleaner for that

Can you explain what you mean by an error in the registry? The dialog you show here is perfectly normal. What makes you think something is wrong?

As for the audio, if it worked before and then stopped, obviously something changes on your system - a driver update, perhaps. Try rebooting. If that doesn't help right there, go to your audio device settings and make sure exclusive mode is not enabled - or if it is, make sure no other audio applications are running that are now receiving exclusive use and thus preventing MuseScore and other professional audio from running (system sounds most likely wouldn't be affected - only other pro audio applications).

If you continue to have trouble, please give more details about the your system - which version of Windows, what audio hardware you are using, what other pro audio programs you have installed, etc. And if you continue to believe something is wrong with your registry, please explain that in more detail as well.

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