How do you delete a bar !!!

• Oct 3, 2014 - 23:14

There must be a way to do it and I've tried searching help for "delete bar" "remove bar" "erase bar" no clues. It's so simple - it should be highlight and then press delete ... but no. I can't find any way to do it. Any ideas ?


BTW, the reason you need to press Ctrl+Delete instead of just Delete is that the latter is for deleting the *contents* of a measure, which is the much more common operation.

See the Handbook under Measure operations for more. The Handbook is always a good first place to look for information, BTW, but admittedly it's not always obvious where within the Handbook the relevant information might be.

A new user might find this easier to remember: Highlight the measure, then under the "Edit" menu at the top, select "Delete Selected Measures". Later they can graduate to keyboard shortcuts...

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It appears that terminology - 'bar' vs. 'measure' - impeded the original poster from finding the answer. I don't know the geographic distribution of what's preferred; I believe most English speakers know that the two terms are synonymous (and many of us even use them interchangeably), but it's helpful to keep in mind that 'measure' is the prevalent usage in menus and documentation for MuseScore.

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Then you might have been hit by a known issue. Try MuseScore 1.2
And/Or check out 2.0 Beta 1
Or you're score has become broken somehow, if you want someone else (like me) to have a look, attach to a reply here (and tell which measure you want deleted)

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