4.1 install error

• Jul 12, 2023 - 17:01

Installing the 4.1 update from MuseHub, it appears to be downloading it, then cranks away for a while seemingly installing it, then gives me the error message:

Unable to uninstall application

The process reported that it was unsuccessful. Please try again. Make sure no other programs are currently being installed.

I rebooted and tried again, and got the same error. However, when I start Musescore 4 it reports to be the new version, so I guess the update went OK after all. But Musehub doesn't know that and it still says that the 4.1 update is available. Re-initiating the update from there gives me the same error message.


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Thank you. I did notice that in my list of to programs that can be uninstalled, 4.0 was still listed, which kinda confirms that it was "Unable to uninstall application". I also have 3.0 still installed, and I want to keep it. I suppose that could be further confusing the installer.

I'm going to uninstall Musehub anyway. I don't care for the Musesounds, and I don't like Musehub's spyware-like behavior. I don't need the hub, just Musescore itself.

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Well, I tried to uninstall Musehub in advance of uninstalling Musescore 4.02. It didn't go well. Musehub has disappeared from the list of apps that can be uninstalled... but all 400-or-so MB of files are still in place. And Windows is reluctant to let me delete them by hand.


I hate that program.

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I'll quote an earlier post of mine about Musehub:

"Something else I though I'd mention about Muse Hub: you can turn off its "Community Acceleration" option. You can turn off its Auto Update options. You can turn off its Auto Start option. And you can stop the Muse Hub Service... temporarily only. What you cannot do is change the Service Type to anything from its default, Automatic. That option is greyed out, even if you are logged on as Administrator. That means that even if you stop the service, it will automatically start again after a re-boot. I can find no way to change this behavior.

"I don't know if Muse Hub Service is communicating with anywhere on the internet while its running with all those options turned off, but it seems to me to be quite likely that it CAN if it wants, and I as the computer owner have no control over it. I don't see anything to assure me that it ISN'T. I see little or no discussion of this issue - maybe I'm missing it? Is this something that will be changed in the future? This seems to me to be highly user-unfriendly and potentially dangerous."

IOW, Musehub is always able to communicate with someone unknown out there on the Internet. It does not ask my permission and I have no way to tell it "no". The only benefit to me would be to install Musesounds. I don't use them, therefore Musehub is useless to me and is a potential security risk. Furthermore, even though I uninstalled it, there are still remnants of it left in system folders that Windows won't allow me access to. I cannot fully uninstall Musehub. I may try some tricks to circumvent Windows self-protective security, but I suspect that chunks of Musehub will there forever.

I did uninstall 4.0.2 but left 4.1 (final release.) It seems to be working OK.

Yall i get the same message and I just got a new laptop today and it won't download musescore for me and I don't have any old record of musescore or anything the laptop is new and it won't let me download it 😭

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