Maybe for MuseScore 4.2?

• Jul 17, 2023 - 02:23

Could they add a feature that allows you to use the sounds from previous versions of MuseScore? Could they add a feature to allow you to deaden the sound of an instrument, as in make it peter off faster so the actual sound, not the reverb, takes less time to die off? Could they add all of the instruments from MuseScore 3 to MuseScore 4? Could they add a drum machine sound.


you can change the sound from Muse Sounds to the muse score 3 sounds with the MS Basic function in the basic under the "sound font" option

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My error, I was directing the question to Marc Sabatella and other developers.

Marc's work is helpful, and I commend him for that. I will wait until I see the changes that are supposed to appear in the mixer with regard to soundfonts. It didn't happen in version 4.1, and I hope it will happen soon.

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If by "this" you mean, ability to select a specific sound from with a soundfont without needing to install it as separate files (which totally works meanwhile), it was closed only because it's a duplicate and already being worked on. These get listed as "not planned" only because the GitHub issue tracker is very limited and doesn't provide a status like "duplicate" to make this more clear, but normally when closing something as not planned, there should also be a comment explaining the real reason for closing it is that it is a duplicate.

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Ah. By this I meant this discussion. I also thought of the perfect update. Accelerandos and Rits. (I can't spell that) You could make it so that the acts like crescendos and diminuendos so that when you have a tempo at the end, it automatically slows down or speeds up to the written tempo, which prevents you from having to do it and properties.

MS Basic in MU4 is the same as MuseScore General in MU3. Only the effects are different. And in a major improvement over MU3, you can customize the amount of reverb per instrument instead of only globally.

Not sure what you mean by "drum machine sound". A soundfont is a drum machine :-)

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But that's just it - you already are getting the sound of a drum machine. Is there a specific drum machine you are wanting? You just need a soundfont that provides this. MS Basic comes with several drumkits already, so be sure to check out the split version I created (see a previous post here for a link).

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Sforzando is a VST that can load soundfonts for you. I thought it had been mentioned before in this thread but I guess not. Anyhow, it’s another option. But if you’re using my ZIP file, then you already have access to all the same sounds as MU3. And as mentioned, the ability to select sounds with monolithic single-file Soundfonts is coming back in the next major update.

I second this -- not a fan of the new MS4 piano sounds, and the reverb does seem a bit weird, so it would be cool to see a difference between MS3 and 4 in there. BUT -- one cool thing I noticed is that in the mixer view it's super easy to use VSTs (and presets)! HALion just popped right up, was already loaded into the sound list when I checked the menu, which is a super cool feature.

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