MS 4.1, audio abruptly stops when last note is released.

• Jul 23, 2023 - 13:41

In playback mode, audio abruptly shuts off when the last note is released.
In editing mode, audio abruptly shuts off when the selected note is released.
This is very awkward to deal with when using a non trivial amount of reverb (both VST and integrated reverb have this issue). I suspect it's a backfire from one of the 'audio optimisations' of this version. If this is a setting that can be turned off, please just tell me where it is.

(Focusrite Scarlett Solo, juicysfplugin, Orilriver reverb. Though I suspect this has nothing to do with it.)


You can turn off MU4 reverb in the mixer.
My suggestion would be to disconnect everything and add things back in one at a time. With and without built in reverb. Might take some time. I think that may be the only way to isolate the problem.

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